A little Irony

I find it quite a bit ironic how in year 5 I were placed in an extra curriculum activity group, in which we discussed life skills. One day we were asked how we felt, to which I replied I felt depressed. From that point our teacher said, don’t ever say you feel depressed again, depression is more to it that just feeling sad, it’s a mental illness. It’s quite ironic how no, I wasn’t depressed at the time but in a couple years later besides everything she had said I felt it alright. Some days your up, some days your down and some days you’re not in-between – you just feel emptiness. 

Another example of irony would be when I found out a friend was self-harming last year. I was annoyed and upset, she heild a pair of scissors in her hand, but told me they weren’t sharp. I tested them on my arm – you  could feel them anyway. My form tutor saw me/us and told me to stop because it wasn’t a joke and people actually do it because they are so upset. It was from that point on an addiction began which lasted about 4 months


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